Thursday, May 29, 2014



Are you in the evening hours of your life child, you who feel that life has passed you by perhaps, that you have not accomplished much within your years as you had expected?

I assure you the best is yet to come, begin to desire that you become a worship warrior, one who will stand in the gap for a people yet unsaved.

Do you feel inadequate, only praise Me and this insecurity will vanish as mist upon the waters at dawn.

I will make fall from the Heavens an anointing for praise, that will well up from within you that you will not be able to restrain, for you will be conscious of My very presence.

I have been forming you for this moment, when you would give yourself fully to Me in the cause of righteousness, what joy fills Me and all those who love you.

You are wondering who they might be that love you, none other than your Heavenly Father, Our Holy Spirit and your Blessed Mother Mary, all of Heaven, also all the friends that are around you, are rejoicing with the blessing of gifts given by the Spirit.

Your heart has blossomed with a new and greater love for all people, because it is My love that you now will share with those in need.

Several of your gifts had been hidden and remained dormant since you first received the Holy Spirit through the Sacraments, now they will be empowered.

It is now time for you, through prayer and praise to put into practice the power that has been given you to aid those most in need of My loving words and healing.

I can hardly contain My joy for this to be accomplished at this occasion, you are not to harbor any fear concerning your new appointment.

I will take care of all that is pertinent, that you may have the freedom of character to react to each situation as it presents itself, I’ll be with you, you will never be alone.

Receive this commission with joy even in the midst of all the world’s turmoil and ugliness of increased sin and disunity.

You will not serve Me from a sullen countenance, lift your face to the Light and be radiant for you will be reflecting Me the Son of God.


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