Thursday, May 22, 2014



You will suffer rejection when you speak the Truth, even as you shall speak it out of love.

In following Me, and you must in order to save your life and not lose it, you must forget yourself.

You make yourself available to Me when you stay close to Me, with an open heart ready for whatever presents itself for I allow many and diverse situations to occur.

When you meditate upon the Scriptures, you will see how I received rejection from the very people I was sent to save, I neither retaliated nor debated My Father’s Truth.

Truth will be with you, My followers, seek not to be praised for proclaiming it, but to be unknown in quiet humility.

You will hear Me in the depths of your heart and occasionally in a physical sensation, that will allow you to feel My presence within you.

Do not at any time seek anything out of the ordinary but only holiness, for your very life has been ordained from the beginning and you’ll find that I work mostly in simplicity.

You do not need to be poor for Me to use you, selling all that you own, only be poor in Spirit, that is needing and thirsting for more of Me your God.

I will bless you with My love, a tenderness of which you have never known, just give to Me your heart emptied of all other loves.

Be generous to those who are less fortunate than yourself, not only materially but also to those who neglect to respond to My graces for Spiritual growth.

As you yourself become aware of the graces that are given to you thank Me, for the graces are a necessary privilege that I will use to strengthen and enable you.

I have so much more that I want to give you, be patient with yourself, be interiorly happy, and let your face radiate that you are loved by Me, all is yours for the asking.

I know your request before you have put it into words and I am ready with the answer, ask Me for much, I am willing and My resources are inexhaustible.

Ask for the Salvation of Souls at each Mass, uniting your offering with My Sacrifice to the Father, not just one time but always, for My desire is that none should perish.


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