Wednesday, May 14, 2014



When you will begin to trust that I desire and will to use you, then you will begin to look to your brother’s and sister’s needs with eyes of love.

You will then be able to forget yourself and do what I did in My time on earth, healing and consoling all who were led to come to Me by the Father’s Will.

The fields are ready for the harvest; yes others have done the ground work but now, with the Holy Spirit’s leading, Souls will be brought safely into the Master’s barns.

There is a tremendous battle raging now for their Souls, unsuspecting Souls that are imagining that all is well, they imagine that the evil that they are doing is well and good.

They refuse to acknowledge the sin or be ashamed for their actions, causing others to follow them, making themselves justified and acceptable in society.

The world is being catapulted into deeper and deeper darkness, more than at any other time in history.

This is the very reason why My Holy Mother has been allowed to visit on the earth in so many and varied ways, with icons weeping and messages of hope and guidance.

Pray fervently that My people will begin to pay attention to the signs, how life itself has been devalued and how the interests of many are for pleasures and money for themselves.

There is a great need for people to be delivered from evil spirits that blind them and hold them captive.

Having their freedom would allow them to come to Me freely, but without your help, they waver back and forth without making any advancement, staying trapped in their past sins.

I will give you the means to approach them, or they may be drawn to come to you out of their need to be set free, remain in Me and I will speak and work through you.

Then will you experience My strength, My love, My patience and all that each person will be needing in order to be to receive new life in Me.

You are now realizing your weakness and littleness, because of the great task ahead of you, but I will be with you, you must with certainty know this and be unafraid.

I am ready to act through you; only give Me your permission to do so, all of Heaven is with you also and rooting for you and awaiting your “yes”.


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