Wednesday, May 7, 2014



Each of you has been given a mission, I want to lead you into what will make you forget yourself for the sake of the good of others.

If at the end of your life you have not accomplished the fullness of your mission, it will continue into your after life.

Each person will have his own hour glass, so to speak, where the sands of time flow out, until his hour has come to enter into eternal life.

Through you, I am saving people that you may be unaware of, all I am asking of you is to be prepared for the unexpected, I am always looking to save the lost.

Tasks that may humble you are most often the ones that reap the most benefit for the Kingdom, do not miss opportunities which may inconvenience you to win Souls.

In Heaven, written in stone will be your unique name known only to you and Me, it will be in correlation with the mission given to you personally.

A special blessing is given for the work being done even as you live unaware, but always having a sense of it as you live your life, you will know I am using you to win Souls.

I have assigned Saints and Angels that specifically will help you in your cause, be grateful to them giving thanks especially on feast days that honor them.

In order that you find happiness as My instruments in serving your brothers and sisters, always have your eyes on the greater picture of the world’s Salvation and not on selfish goals for your own future only.

In Faith, you will use My Name in order to rid the world of evil influences and overcome the destructive forces that cause confusion and defeat in the minds of My people.

You will please Me, in giving glory and praise to God, seeking to progress in the knowledge and love of your God and obtaining all that is lasting and beneficial for your life in eternity.

It is not a waste of time to sit quietly with Me, here I will correct any thoughts that may not be according to My plan, be at peace always and feel My very presence beside you.

When you have grown sufficiently, I will send you out, equipped in Faith, joy emanating from your face, with a heart fit for winning Souls.

Take heed of My very special instrument, My Holy Mother, for She loves you all and leads each of you in a safe and direct way to Me, She will reveal to you your uniqueness and your blessedness.


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