Wednesday, April 30, 2014



Come to Me in humility, I will give you eyes to truly see yourselves as you are, then will you come to Me in humility.

As God, I completely emptied Myself of all that would differentiate Me from you, except for sin, and allowed My humanity to do only as the Father Willed.

I wanted to be an example for you to follow, that you would serve one another and know your position in Me.

Your position in Me is as such that without Me, you can do nothing, but with Me all things are possible.

If you think of Me as say your big brother beside you, and of course I am much more, you can now be much braver and do things you would not otherwise do.

Think of your big brother, someone that you would want to emulate and follow in his actions and deeds, yet with Me I am your strength and conviction and will never leave you.

When you are afraid, call on Me and My peace I will give to you, My Spirit will breathe new life into you, indeed My Resurrection life itself.

It is important at this time that you settle in your very hearts, that with this affirmation of My love for you is beyond all words, you are My very own.

You then will show Me by your actions to serve others with generosity and kindness, that you accept and recognize My love for you.

It is only in the true humility of knowing your nothingness that you serve without pride or grudgingly those you would otherwise neglect.

Follow the advice given in the messages throughout the world by the Blessed Mother, who at this crucial time in your history is aiding Her children.

She is helping you to come to Me through prayer, fasting and repentance.

You must come to Me now without delay, that I may prepare you for what is about to transpire throughout the earth and which has already commenced to happen.

I do not want you to come to Me out of fear but out of love, for Me, for others and for yourselves.

At this time I am allowing special graces for those Souls who are far from Me, they are not aware of the present danger of forever losing their eternal reward. 


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