Thursday, June 19, 2014



I am the Son of Man, the new Adam, I came to give you new life, freedom from sin.

Though temptation will always be with you in this life, I give grace that you may overcome and achieve victory.

If you do nothing to combat evil in your life, it will eventually pull you farther and farther into the world away from Me, fight as if you were swimming upstream against the current.

Fasting and penance are Satan’s enemies for they will give you power and cause you to achieve greater and faster advancement in holiness.

Your light will shine in the world’s darkness attracting others to Me the source of light.

It takes willpower and desire to grow in denying yourself especially as others do not join you in your efforts to pursue what is truly worthwhile in life and in Eternal life.

You are asking Me “because of Your work of Redemption, will everyone not be saved?”

There are some who do not strive to help themselves or others to achieve Salvation, their names are not in the Book of Life, I will give them the spirit of perdition.

They readily accept Satan’s lie, that they need not endure hardship or pain, suffering is to be avoided at any cost, they refuse the cross, they do not follow Me.

The road to holiness is a narrow path, few are finding it, but for My Mercy which is given for all who will call upon Me all things are possible.

This life which is very short will be soon over, opportunity for good deeds, which I demand from each of My followers, will no longer be possible for your greater glory in Eternity.

Today is the opportune time for those things you’ve been putting off one more day, have you put off prayer with Me, I very much want to instruct you and help you.

Take advantage of the day’s graces being offered to you for your betterment, take time to tell Me that you have confidence in Me and in your future.

Yes, the road is narrow and difficult but you do not travel alone or without every help to accomplish your given mission and with untold joy for the journey.

Rest in the comfort of the Holy Spirit, confident and unafraid as you progress knowing that your Shepherd holds you secure lest you should wander from the path that will lead you into Eternal life with Him.       


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