Friday, June 13, 2014



My call to you is continuous, what I am seeking from you is an ongoing personal relationship.

That is a relationship where you will ask Me and tell Me about the small things of your day, important and insignificant things, your hopes and dreams.

I long for you to be concerned with the things that concern Me also, and how you might be of help with prayer and sacrifice.

Tell Me perhaps what made you think warmly of Me today, and what may have caused you sorrow, tell Me of dear friends and family who may have increased your love.

You must never cease in looking for Truth, you must be constantly advancing in love, for today I have graces for you and for all who bless you also.

It is an ongoing theme where I place for you to find throughout your day, hidden treasures in nature possibly, a special book or a quiet time for just the two of us.

At times, you are searching your heart and find Me in places that you didn’t know existed, places where I longed to retrieve you from, where there is fear or unforgiveness.

I wish to simplify your life, but busyness and distractions pull you further away, they do not include Me, I call you continuously that you may turn to Me.

The things of this world are not evil in themselves but, in as much as they do not further your steps of progress towards your eternal destination, you are wasting your time.

My loved one, you do not have any time to waste, and so prayer, which unites Me to you, and all your brothers and sister in the world, is the avenue you must travel faithfully.

Your fervent prayers, united with the Blessed Mother, whose only concern is for your welfare and that of our relationship, is for your greatest benefit.

Remember My Words to you in Scripture “ask and you will receive, seek and you will find,” yes whatever you are wanting to ask, I am hearing you and answering in My perfect timing.

I will fill your days with encouragement if you will give Me the opportunity to converse with you, My joy is what you will discover within our time together.

You are Mine, and all that I have is yours, I give you daily My very self in the Holy Eucharist, what better gift could I give you who are so poor and needy than the gift of My love.


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