Friday, July 25, 2014



The Church is now in the dark hours of Calvary, looming persecutions on the horizon, errors are propagated in My Church.

As the Father was working His plan of Salvation through Me, His Son as I walked the earth, so I am also working through you now.

Those who are conscious of My presence in them listen to My Divine inspirations and with hearts in tune, I am able to use them in ways that will hasten the Holy Spirit’s Second Pentecost.

Then will there be conversions, the sick healed and the weak made strong, those living in fear will be made courageous and unafraid, those who are far from Me will return.

Thus My Divine Mercy will triumph and a new civilization of love and peace will be established, My new Kingdom will have come.

Begin today, whatever your circumstance, to believe in Me, entreat the poor, for I will answer you on how you are to help them, trusting that I will take care of your needs and the needs of your family’s future.

In this way you are being prepared to trust fully in the directions that may seem to go against your better judgment.

My ways are mysterious and not always understood by the unbeliever, but to those that believe I give all that they require in the fulfillment of the plan of Salvation.

I have gone ahead preparing a place for you in My Father’s House, but for now be at peace, have Me always in mind and you will be drawn to choose rightly.

You are being asked to do more than the minimum, more than what is asked of you; for the strength you will need, the desire to succeed, and the wisdom will be from Me.

Through Me you will accomplish great things for the Kingdom, though you will feel the same, inside you will be a power house unleashed by the Holy Spirit.

What others will eventually receive, I am allowing you to taste now of this empowerment of the joys and self-abandonment, generosity of heart, and many of the attributes of holiness.

You do not need to know the times and when they will occur, only put your house in order now and because I am in you, My peace will fill your whole being as you go forward, this is for today, spend time with Me alone in the quiet of your heart.


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