Thursday, October 16, 2014


2014-10-16                                                                   INRI

You will come to know My love for you through affliction for I will rescue you from harm.

There you will know that there is no other god but Me when trial and misfortune assail you, I am the God of your Salvation everything passes through My hands.

Do not look at it as chastisement for sin, but as a way, a vehicle to a path that leads to a greater understanding and knowledge of Me.

You will, in your desire to know Me better, find My closeness to you in what you suffer for this will be your greatest teacher.

I allow these things that you may not become complacent with the things of this world.

But be mindful of My great love for you My beloved children, you are ever near and never leave My thoughts.

I devise plans to bring you ever deeper into a surrendered relationship with Me, that you may enter into My resurrected life.

Yes, My resurrected life living in you will lead you to serve your brothers and sisters with confidence and total abandonment.

I will be living through you as if I were continuing as it were, to live further on earth in your person.

Will you give Me the opportunity to do so, for I long to meet the needs of many who are with you now in your family and among friends even the ones you do not yet know.

You may be the very instrument that I choose today to help the doubting one who has ceased in their progress toward Me, who has lost the zeal for life and is now searching for direction.

Some others have hidden grief that is not known to those who associate daily with them, and yet I desire to grant them compassion and comfort here and now in their misery.

And so to you My dear one, I say give thanks to Me for your affliction for it is a gift from God Himself, given to you as having been weighed for its benefits against the opposing pain and discomfort.

Praise Me today from your heart, truly wanting to unite with My sufferings endured for you, for you will then feel the weight of your burden lifted.  

I am here with you through Faith to carry the cross that I have especially chosen for you because I love you. 

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