Wednesday, October 26, 2016


2016-10-26                                                                              INRI

I am not a distant God as some would think of Me, for to be involved in every aspect of your lives, is uppermost on My agenda.

Do not forget the One Who thinks of you always, not one minute would pass in your life, if I were to forget you, you could not live.

When you love someone, you readily communicate the many events that occur each day, both good and bad.

I await to hear from you, your sometimes peaceful and sometimes frantic thoughts, I am so close to you, but you may be distracted, forgetting that I live in you and you in Me.

Do not hesitate to place in My Hands, all things that are worrisome or things that are giving you some great joy, give Me the opportunity to share everything with you, do it out of love for Me.

Being in disbelief that I hear your every word, dishonors Me and causes one to pray without much thought about what they are saying, their heart is really not in it.

Please do not look at Me in the Monstrance or Tabernacle with insincere hearts, this causes Me pain, more than I can say, for as My people, I find My Joy in you.

I have great plans for your lives, listen as I speak to you, you will be comforted by My Love, and will be able to radiate this to others as I give you My Holy Spirit.

Your Angel who guards you, has been made privy to My attributes, willingly and joyfully will he attune you to them as you ask him, for He is looking at Me now.

The fear of God is a gift, it will make you conscious of not offending Me, but as you will offend Me, know that I am a Merciful and Forgiving God, Who as you repent will never remember your sin any longer.

You will have other friends, but I want to be the first friend, the One whom you go to, to be consoled in sorrow or pain, or just to say to Me I love you Jesus.

No One is better equipped than I in every way to help you in every situation, especially when you have sinned.

What a burden you carry until I take away the remorse and guilt, you are more likely to re-offend in this condition, let Me bring you more joy than you even had before you had fallen.

I allow trials and temptations in your life, that you may humbly come to Me, into My Loving Arms.

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