Thursday, December 1, 2016


2016-12-01                                                               INRI

Yes, there is a present darkness that is prevalent in the world today, but My people are seeing the Light that will soon overcome that present day darkness.

Are the people in this present age holier than of old, so few are in the line for the Sacramental Confession, do Sacrilegious Communions contribute greatly to the present darkness in the world today?

My Faithful enjoy peace in their hearts that reveal My Image, they know that they are still a work in progress but with faith, their lives have a joy that no one or no trial may diminish.

If you should carry the cross of illness or persecution, loss of ability to care for yourself and or are dying, you receive the grace of strength and an increase of peace to proceed in your life with joy.

This is a time for you to allow Me to come to you and comfort you, console and enable you to rest in My Arms, tranquil, trusting in My Love to either bring you home, heal you or whatever the need that it be resolved.

Did I not leave you My Peace when I Ascended into Heaven, returning to My Father, receive now the assurance of the care that is Divine.

You receive the Bread of Life in the Holy Eucharist, are you still unaware of the power and healing within you, trust and not fear allows Me to operate in your life in a way that will benefit your fellowman.

Why do you fear anything, do you question within yourself My Love, do not forget Me, Who am so close and wanting you to ask for all that you need. 

I carry you in My Heart and I know all whose names are written in the Book of Life, do I not guard and protect you as a mother her precious child, I gave My very Life for you.

The way you will achieve and keep your peace is by helping others in any way that is before you, try to remember that I am constantly working in your life for your greater good.

If you would fast or sacrifice for someone else, they would be able to see Me in your light, which is ultimately My Light working in you.

I would be saving many souls through your selfless efforts, and this fact enables you to know Me in a more profound way, you come to realize maybe for the very first time My Selfless act in saving you.

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