Friday, December 16, 2016


2016-12-15                                                              INRI

Recognize your freedom in Me, during your lifetime you have come through many phases.

Rebellious at first, you tried to find your own way without Me, but the confusion and utter bewilderment caused much sadness in your everyday living.

I, out of love for you, arranged circumstances that would enable you to need My help, that you would come in search of Me.

Each of you are unique and are at different stages of life, and temperaments, you could only be lead by a caring and loving infinite God.

Your freedom to choose was of greatest importance to Me, for I wanted a living relationship with you that would be your desire to do so.

I wanted to lift the veil from your eyes and minds, that sin had blinded and caused your hearts also to feel nothing for others and that you would not feel distant from Me.

Sin in your life had stolen your peace, and taken from you all realization of the beauty I had created for all humanity, out of love for each one.

And in order to obtain your freedom, which the evil one had enslaved you, I chose to die and rise again, this action brought you out of the darkness of sin into the light of grace.

Gratitude was now able to be in your hearts and on your lips, and the more you thanked Me for all I had given you, the more you could see to thank Me.

Not one minute of your life has been overlooked, My Father loves you already, but I pray within you as you pray, that He may see Me in you and you in Me.

Your eyes behold, even on earth the beauty in all things created, that previously had been hidden and thus overlooked, love changes everything and grace increases hope for eternity in Heaven.

Should your life take a turn and you find yourself persecuted and suffering, do not fear, I am with you.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life whoever comes to Me will never die, I have set you free, go and proclaim your liberty to a world that is hungry for freedom in knowing the Truth.

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