Wednesday, December 28, 2016


2016-12-28                                                          INRI

How can you love those who hate you, without Me you cannot, but those who hate you and are your enemy I am commanding you to love them all.

All in the world are My creation, made in My Image and all are in My Body, picture them as raindrops that make up an ocean, all are equally loved by Me.

Made up of many varied and distant peoples along the shores, turbulent waters in some areas, rocky coasts in places, sandy shores perhaps yet they are all Mine and you are called to love them.

I am in each one of you, some waters are clear, some murky other waters are full of sea creatures, fruitful waters and some barren.

There are warm friendly waters, others frozen and foreboding, as people go, I am merely making a comparison here of an ocean, that you may see that I love them equally without prejudice.

I desire that none be lost, yet some will be, they are never to reach their preferred destination which I prepared with such loving care.

In My Merciful Love, I have provided for last minute conversions and send My servants with My Word that will pierce to the very heart of each who will hear them.

My Word will bring about a realization of their wayward paths taken, and that they take an account of where they eventually will end up. 

I am patient and gentle, wanting Salvation for all, your prayers for these troubled souls will bring the necessary graces needed for them to see clearly the direction in which they must go.

As a caring Father, I am in each of you to accomplish the love needed in the world that has gone mad with frenzy in trying to find happiness apart from Me.

This happiness cannot happen in the way that they go, the joy they seek through selfishness and to overlook the needs of others, will not awaken the love instilled in each, in order to find their way home.

If any person would sense the loss and uselessness of their present state of life, and give Me even the least sign of seeking God, I would instantly respond and shower that person with overwhelming love.

There is no time to delay, tomorrow may be too late, gaze today at My Cross and see, with the help of My Holy Spirit, exactly what was sacrificed for love of you.

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