Tuesday, January 10, 2017


2017-01-10                                                                INRI

You are now living through a period time of grace, be aware of what is being expected of you because of all that you are being given, as the world is in such darkness, but My Kingdom is near.

Each moment brings you closer to that transition to a life that will no longer be the test ground of earth, where the possibility of sin constantly lurked around each corner and every occasion.

Do not spend your time debating with another over who is right or wrong, rather live the love of My Heart, that is My Humanity being lived through you.

Your words that try to convince another to righteous living, will most assuredly not bring about the desired conversion that an act of kindness would afford.

Each of you will expire at a precise time and date, exactly as I planned and in such a manner as I choose, each has been given every grace and opportunity to excel in this world.

Thus you will eventually stand before Me and give an account of the depth of love in your life, or as some will have lived a life of selfishness and greed or some degree of worldliness.

This is your time of decision making, choose wisely, know that your days are numbered and that whatever you do or not do counts now and cannot be retrieved.

I have paid the price of your Salvation and Redemption, am I the love of your life, do I hold first place among what you prize and hold most dear?

You will make decisions throughout your day, some insignificant ones, other decisions may change your life for good or it may be the worst decision of your life.

If you have lost your joy, come quickly to Me, I will restore you and forgive all, in order that you may begin to live again.

If at any time you find yourself looking to justify an action or word said, rehashing your motives, come to Me and be reconciled, do not put off for another day the new beginning I want to give you.

 In this time of grace, which means helps of every kind as needed, I give not only My Holy Spirit as Advocate, but also My Holy Mother, and special Angels and Saints, all to help you to finish the race well.

I am forever your Merciful Lord.

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