Saturday, January 14, 2017


2017-01-14                                                                      INRI

When you live with unconfessed sins, it is as if you are trying to walk solidly on quick sand.

It is slowly but surely swallowing you up, but I will always throw you a lifeline.

This lifeline might be a special Saint or the Blessed Mother Herself, Who loves you very much and guards you as Her own, thus they make you aware of just how perilous is the path you tread.

These your friends will bring you to Me, as the friends of the paralytic brought him to the Lord and the first thing I did was to forgive his sins, then I healed his physical wounds, now as you come to Me, I will forgive you placing you again on solid ground.

I will never allow you to be left to the evil one’s deceitful and cunning ways, that have lead you to be in this predicament, having fallen prey to temptation once again.

Now that I have brought you safely to solid ground, humility brings you to where I may use you more powerfully, when you thought that you could just forget about it, you were not yet listening so that I could not direct you.

I allow mishaps in your lives so that you may see just how vulnerable you really are and, that you must constantly and predictably come back to Me for a deeper conversion, My followers must collaborate with My Holy Spirit.

Some will not take the lifeline being thrown to them, I grieve constantly at their failure to see the Truth, as sins slowly and methodically cause My followers to be swallowed up, yet nothing is ever hopeless.

I love the sinner but hate the sin, blindly you are accepting what seems to be the way to the happiness you seek but end up realizing the opposite.

Joy, having left your life, you flail on your own trying to do it your way, you try to save your dignity to no avail, in fact worsening your plight.

I am here for you now, come and do not allow pride, nor shame that the evil one will place before your eyes and in your mind, over and over he tries to dissuade you from the freedom I desire for you.

Yes, you may have failed today, but tomorrow promises a bright future, I have great plans for you and I will not rest until they be accomplished for each of you.

I will never give up on you, even as you give up on Me, you will find Me, for as My Mother held Me close to Her Heart as a little child, so She also holds you there with Me today, a bright new dawn awaits you.

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