Thursday, September 8, 2016


2016-09-08                                                                 INRI

As Christians your true home is not earth but in the New Heaven and New Earth.

As My creation you are made in My Image and are being thus formed even now, today, into your new citizenship of peace and love, your new identity.

Each day I provide for you new graces and blessings to further you along on your journey of being made whole, holy, all I need from you is your cooperation.

I desire that you be with Me, your peace will lie in your surrendering to the love I provide, trusting and living by this love and not worrying about the wrongs that have been done to you.

From now on, whoever comes to you, in friendship, counsel or just by chance, should not leave you as they came, but feel better about themselves, because this is what I want to accomplish through you.

You were made to love, as you forget yourself, I humble you, I make you aware that the other person is to be treated as you would serve Me, as you allow Me, I show you really who you are and what you mean to Me.

I am enlarging your capacity for courage, it is so needed in these days and also for what is about to happen, I want to be able to call upon My trusted friends in the precise moment when needed.

This is all being done in order to re-populate the New Jerusalem, the City of Peace, of which you will be one of the first inhabitants, you who are known as the remnant.

In humility, become docile to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and you will stop judging, first yourselves and then others.

I am finding that you have judged yourselves harshly, over past failures, where in Wisdom kindness would have brought you the peace that you were seeking.

My loved ones, soon will come times that will be most difficult, unless you remain within Me and close to My dear Mother Mary, confusion will drive many to despair, they will feel as if I have abandoned them.

The evil one would want you to forsake your prayer life and believe that all your efforts were useless, but I recommend that you gather together frequently for prayer, this will strengthen and encourage all, even those who think themselves strong.

In closing, I want you to consider your sufferings as gift, do I not know how hard it is to love others, but in uniting your pain with My Passion, you gain much more graces than you would complaining, you become part of the redemption I achieved for all humanity.

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