Wednesday, August 31, 2016


2016-08-31                                                                              INRI

When I initially thought of you, I named you, and decided everything about you, who would be your parents, how you would look, and the place in the world where you would be born and live, all before I created the universe.

Now I want you to come to know Me, not just through reading or instruction, I want you to be with Me for all eternity beginning now, through prayer and conversation with Me, seek Me I want you to find Me.

As you come to know Me, you realize that I love others as I love you, and so you must desire to enter My Heart.

My love for you will give you a peace and a sense of belonging, the security of a child with a loving parent, who cares and nurtures him.

In loving you, I affirm you in ways that you may not be aware of for My Ways are far above your ways,  I affirm you through the words of others and in the silence of your heart when you may least expect it.

You in turn must affirm your brothers and sisters, I am ready to reveal to you what I see in them that is good and worthy, admirable, ask Me in prayer, even simply lifting your heart’s desire to Me.

The benefits of this encouragement to others will be pleasing to Me and will increase your capacity to love everyone, you’ll be given the Mind and Heart of God, ever increasing in care.

Have you experienced dreams that inspire you to do a good action for someone in need, or perhaps you were given a mind vision, a sense of someones holiness, humility as they quietly go about their job?

The Heavenly Father was with Me as I journeyed on earth, in prayer He fortified and gave Me strength in My steps leading to the fulfillment of His plan of Salvation.

The Holy Spirit gives God’s anointing grace that you will feel physically and emotionally, it is a manifestation of His Person-hood, the very essence of the love of God.

This power given to you affirms the relationship that exists between us, as you are drawn deeper for more and more in communication and fulfillment, a yearning for all I desire from you, you realize that you have just begun.

I conceal Myself in the Consecrated Wafer of Bread, that you child may not be frightened by My Light and greatness, I am Love, and throughout your life, My main objective was that you would come to know Me forever and ever just as I am.

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