Thursday, August 4, 2016


2016-08-03                                                                   INRI

You may be inquiring of yourself, have I been called to bring life to the lifeless and who are these?

They are those souls who do not pray, neither for themselves nor for others, they do not have life within them and go through life without My graces as if paralyzed.

But My elect, you who have received the Holy Spirit, I give you power to heal the sick, cast out demons and raise the dead.

Without your help to obtain for them the needed graces, they cannot decide for themselves to turn around in conversion, to turn away from the sin of addiction or to deny themselves of anything that is material or pleasure.

They lack the ability and strength to practice charity, to be detached from the love of money or to forgive anyone who has offended them in anyway.

I am awaiting your prayer that will awaken the life given to them in Baptism, they may be a relative or someone you hold dear, for My grace abounds for all who seek My help.

Thus you will from this time on and in eternity have a special relationship in the Mystical Body with those for whom you intercede in prayer, be it ever so humble a prayer, I will hear.

Yes, in all eternity will this soul be ever grateful to you his benefactor, for having raised him from the dead, who otherwise would not have asked nor accepted the grace being offered.

One day they will come to know how you thought enough of this individual to lift up their name and their need, I only perhaps know the outcome and sum of a persons life.

Such souls are in a way lifeless and are virtually unable to help themselves, you throw them a lifeline that opens up the flood gates of Heaven, for they may not yet have realized that their life was in danger.

There is no prayer that does not reach My ears, you must make yourself available for each quest, do not allow the world and all its distractions to dissuade you from prayer for the silent cry of the dead must be heard by you.

Though others may pass them by, I will alert you to the ones for whom I thirsted upon the Cross, those who consider Me dead even today.

Going through life as though on a sinking ship, I send you to rescue those souls who have a need of which they may or may not be aware.

Prayer is a great investment that yields Heavenly dividends.

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