Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Falling in Love with God

2016-07-27                                                               INRI

You will truly come to love Me when you allow the longing of your heart to give Me entrance, for intellectually the mind gives you information, knowledge, but not the entrance you want.

Yes, you must also give Me your mind, but it is union that I desire for you to come to know yourself and know God, thus uniting with others, this is called prayer.

I want you to see how your mind prevents you from entering into union, you may find that you judge others, criticize or try to find fault with those that instruct or are in leadership position over you.

But as you contemplate Me in prayer, you must be lead to action as well, I must be a living experience for you and not merely a historic figure.

I am the Light that allows you to see Light, otherwise in the darkness of this world, you find yourself aimlessly striving without direction or cause.

Knowing is always balanced with unknowing, a mystery of faith as it were, for My Glory has always been clouded in mystery throughout the ages.

You do not have to know it all in order to believe so that you can go forward, but do be patient with those who have less tolerance and compassion than you’ve been given.

Prejudice and racism among you must be repented and dealt with, it is not confronted by most in their lives, but most are guilty to some extent, even by association.

You want to belong and so you do not even search your heart, I have the love that you seek, come now.

Children do not waste your precious time on earth in arguments trying to discredit others beliefs, if only you would allow Me to love through you.

At times you may dislike someone, judging difference instead of loving what is different, here and now is the opportunity to make yourself vulnerable by putting yourself into My Hands.

My Name is thrice Holy, I want that you would all fall in love with Me forever.

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