Wednesday, July 13, 2016


2016-07-13                                                     INRI

Are you seeking healing, first must come spiritual healing and then the physical healing.

As God I see not only the brokenness of the body but the very depths of the human soul, and from Me nothing is hidden, I am much concerned with your spiritual healing.

Sin wounds the soul and separates you from Me, specifically mortal sin which is detrimental to the soul.

All evil in the world can initially be attributed to sin, which disrupts all of God’s creation and is the only disease that can ultimately kill the soul.

Sin offends God’s infinite goodness and life and Truth itself.

One soul is of greater value than all material goods of the world of all creation.

This world will pass away but the soul is immortal and grace is the life of the soul, whereas mortal sin kills that life and must be restored by repentance in the mercy of God.

Sin therefore has disrupted the whole of God’s creation, the world is on the verge of economic disaster and at the heart of it all is greed.

I your Saviour encourage all to frequent the forgotten Sacrament of forgiveness and reconciliation, for many are in denial of sin in their lives.

The consequences of sin have caused calamities within life, personal sin has disrupted the whole order of God’s creation.

One must not act only in his own interests, for collectively the world will surely fall apart because of selfish ambitions and greed.

I have been banished from public life and human affairs, this agnostic mentality will bring the world to ruin.

Humans have become obsessed with their bodies, their health and beauty, they have not prioritized the health of their spiritual well being.

The salvation of their immortal soul and where they will spend eternity is far from their thoughts as they strive vigorously to achieve the perfect body.

A beautiful body can hide a hideous soul, who therefor are the truly beautiful people, I have seen them in hospitals, nursing homes, the sick and aged, the body may be broken but the soul, holy and unknown in the world is precious to Me.

Surround yourselves with true friends who will bring you to Me in your hour of need, in this critical time you will discover their true identity, ask Me to bring you even one true friend, I desire to bless you.  

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