Thursday, July 21, 2016


2016-07-20                                                          INRI

When you rise each morning, ask Me to prepare you to receive every grace and blessing that I planned specifically for you today.

I eagerly await the imparting of My Wisdom and Understanding, that you may glean from Holy Scripture and inspired literature, a greater knowledge of the beauty of your Faith and of Me your Lord and Saviour. 

I want you to be in awe of all I have created for love of the creature, things that you’ve overlooked, for to gain quickly progress in holiness, one must be humble and have gratitude and praise on your lips.

The Church has its seasons and I have formed you all to be a family with all in Heaven, there is One Body of which I am the Head.

For your earthly banquet, I instituted the Holy Eucharist, in order to unite My people in Me, and here I dwell among mankind still.

I want to deepen your love for this Heavenly Food, each Word of the Eucharistic Liturgy should leave you hungering for more of Me, that is to have a richer and more fruitful relationship.

Angels and Saints join you in praise and adoration, do you realize the privilege that has been extended to you?

The Words of Consecration by the Priest transform the bread and wine into My Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, only a Wise and loving God could have contrived the perfect solution for man, that He could both remain on the earth and be in man.

A special grace has been granted to you that you might believe, you are given a grace to believe and to not doubt, you know that you know that I am truly present in the transformed Bread and Wine.

I am the Lamb of God Who has come upon your Altar, that you may have life and power through Me and in Me.

You may not be aware of the transformation that has occurred in you, who have devotedly and worthily  received Me in the Holy Eucharist, I empower you to go out into the world as another Christ, to do the work of God.

You have believed that your thoughts regarding the Heavenly Jerusalem were a future and distant entity, but in receiving Me in Holy Eucharist, Heaven has come down to you.

Pray in thanksgiving and praise with the Angels, My child walk in the light of a newness of life, for you no longer walk in the darkness of unbelief and ignorance.

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