Wednesday, July 6, 2016


2016-07-06                                                                                 INRI

What does it mean to you to be My disciple on a daily basis, to be conformed to Me in an intimate ongoing relationship?

I have made a covenant with each of you, more than a promise, I have made you My bride.

I want you to follow Me and do My Will in an ongoing relationship you will not only know about Me, you will come to know Me intimately.

Decide if you will merely be a bystander watching from the sidelines or a follower, disciplined as a faithful son or daughter.

I want to give you healing, wisdom, training and direction for everyday living and selfless serving.

The studying of faith and accumulation of knowledge is only the beginning and not the end in itself.

I am inviting you into a new relationship where you choose to be Mine, because I have chosen you, to teach you and mold you for My Glory and your Salvation.

Come to know My views and what I bless, My objectives and My mission in the world.

In choosing you I believe in you, that you will succeed in reflecting Me, but you must decide in favour of Me by your own freewill, it is by My Wisdom that I have chosen you, I believe in you and I do not make mistakes.

You will learn from Me and be used to win other disciples for the Kingdom of God, for their Salvation for My desire is that none be lost.

As My disciple, others will see Me in you, they will know without a doubt that you are Mine, by your words, your work and humility.

Commit your whole life to Me and My cause for righteousness, your decision to follow Me must be constant and never diminishednever wavering with fearful events within your life, but always trusting.

If you will be My disciple and have given Me your “yes” it is necessary that you do it whole heartedly and not halfheartedly.

I want your heart, your marriage, your job, the way you spend money, all must be put under My yoke, for it is easy and you will find rest.

I did not choose you for your great ability, but I chose you because I believe you can become like Me, I believe in you.

It is our relationship through prayer and the Sacraments that you make Me your priority to have daily My mindset and values thus you will become My disciples.

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