Wednesday, June 29, 2016


2016-06-29                                                                        INRI

Seek Me in the quiet presence of the Eucharist when life becomes fearful and worrisome for you.

Here you will find solace and comfort to believe in the love and care that is waiting to console any who dare to lay their burdens before Me.

My authentic presence Body, Soul and Divinity are here to strengthen you, allowing you to view the problem from a new perspective, God’s perspective.

Come to Me with all the confidence of a child who trusts implicitly in the ability of his father to take care of his need.

In life you will encounter disappointment, with those you trusted, and maybe you might be disappointed in yourself or even with God, that the forthcoming answer to prayer has not yet come.

Never forget My constant presence, with you and in you, I am conscious of your needs from moment to moment, but I desire that you calm yourself that I may enlighten you to the truth of your situation.

To please Me and desire to do My Will in all things through grace being supplied is what you are all striving to achieve.

The world has been conditioned to disappointment and sadness and so they do not seek to see the good around them and therefor see only the worst in others.

They are not surprised in the evil that is being broadcast over and over, growing still darker in the forecast presented to them, with not a mention of God’s goodness to encourage the weak, the hurting.

Did I not experience disappointment constantly while on the earth, jealousy among the leaders that were seeking to kill Me, but I trusted in My Father’s plan of Salvation for all mankind.

Grace upon grace has been poured down on all who ask Me, I will show you the Wisdom with which I bless those who have confidence and trust blindly following as I direct their ways, a path leading to freedom.

My Wisdom will show that you have been spared a greater disaster that would not have been beneficial to you, My love allows only the best scenario for you at any given time. 

Do not be afraid of silence, I am in the silence and I will speak if you will only find time to desire to be with Me, desire it because it is always My Will, I have all the time in the world.                          

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