Wednesday, June 15, 2016


2016-06-15                                                                                           INRI

Today as in no other time in history, individuals need to seek Truth and not to accept the falsehood that is being presented in the world.

Each of your lives has been planned by your Creator, you will be challenged to grow to be great, I did not create you to be mediocre, but that you should become great.

The young people especially, who have their lives before them, are seeking direction and purpose in their lives, but are finding that they must go against the way of the world.

Their dreams of happiness are in essence of Me, Jesus, when they find themselves dismayed and unsatisfied, it is when they find Me for I am waiting for them.

This world invites you to wear a false mask but I am inviting you to the truth of who you really are, and that truth is that you belong to Me.

I have given you freedom to choose to do good, to love truly in the authenticity of Heaven, oh the joy that lasts as no other.

My Holy Spirit stirs within you to do great things, in Me, with Me, and through Me, giving your “yes” and refusing to have your wings clipped to mediocrity, you were meant to fly.

Humbly and patiently you will improve yourselves as you make My Kingdom on earth a place of brotherly love not of hate or division.

I look into the depths of hearts and know what you want, I have placed a desire to please Me in the work that you do and the people with whom you associate.

The world today has inverted the Truth, with wishful thinking, that without any effort on their part, that because God is so good, that no one hardly is destined for damnation.

The Truth of My Word is that broad and wide is the path that leads to destruction and many are traveling that way, narrow is the road that leads to life and few are finding it.

Those on the path of destruction need not remain there but by your witness and prayers may change and be put on the right path to salvation.

Your life will be the best witness to the Truth that will set them free, all My people need to spend time with Me both in Scripture and prayer, here is the time to lay all your frustrations and joys before Me.

I give your life meaning, something worthwhile and the joy of living each day, you will sense My calling to you and feel the rightness of My Will for what I am wanting you to do.

I am the One Who gives you true life here on earth, when you have found Me your life truly begins.  

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