Wednesday, June 22, 2016


2016-06-22                                                                       INRI

Salvation is a free gift given to you from God, but you must cooperate with Faith, yielding to My Spirit, then you will not yield to the cravings of the flesh.

Are you living in the flesh or in the Spirit, you may consider yourselves saved but I tell you, those who go against My Commands and do what is evil will not inherit the Kingdom of God.

Are the fruits of the Spirit operating in you, against these there is no law, for those who follow Me, have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires.

Let no one deceive you with worthless arguments in regards to salvation for sins bring down God’s wrath.

Having disciplined the flesh, one begins to deny oneself of all that is earthly and to concentrate on the the things eternal, the things of Heaven.

You can do nothing on your own, even as you have decided to do good, without the gift of My Holy Spirit, the flesh remains weak in its resolve.

Surrender your life completely to the leading of the Holy Spirit, giving Him control of all for love of Me.

When you have decided to surrender, you have just begun and must learn what it means to live daily relinquishing your whole self to My Spirit, doing the Will of God.

You will thus give Me permission to grace you with power and authority, to be used for a greater purpose in the service of others, being more concerned for them than for yourself.

I have set you free from your past, working now from a clean slate, set your mind on living today in the Will of God and not your will.

You are a new creation in Me, Christ Jesus, do not allow the evil one to focus your thoughts on the past, your past does not dictate your future.

My Holy Spirit will help you discern Truth from the lies accepted by most in the world, He will set your hearts on fire that I may use you, for greater purposes than you have planned for yourself.

Look not at yourself, your weaknesses and lack of understanding and knowledge, I have chosen you, do not question My Wisdom in this.

When you approach the Tabernacle, you approach the burning bush that is not consumed, as the face of Moses was glowing, you also will bear the light upon your countenance.

I am the God of Happiness, I desire that you also be happy, allow Me to do so in your life, follow and trust in My love for you.

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