Thursday, June 9, 2016


2016-06-09                                                                        INRI

Justice requires that you pray, your salvation hinges on this union with God, if you love God with all your heart, mind, and strength, you will want to pray without ceasing.

You will not want to know what is the minimum that you need to pray, because if you love Me, you will want to be around Me constantly, which will cause you to desire to love also your neighbour as yourself.

In prayer you consider the things that you do for yourself as opposed to the time and effort you put towards helping others, it may be something that you have never thought before.

Prayer is a process, vocal will be your first means and meditation slowly acquired, your efforts are constantly seen and cherished by Me, even if you merely lift your heart in thought for love of Me.

My Blessed Mother urges all to daily prayer of the Rosary and to meditate by placing yourself in each scene of the Mystery of the Rosary.

When you study Scripture and Sacred Writings you learn to know God in a deeper way, but prayer unites you to God, you communicate with Him, as I so frequently prayed to My Father while on earth.

Prayer will draw you ever closer to Me, you will begin to see Me in your mind-vision, your intellectual vision, you will to give Me perfect love, because of the recognition of My Goodness.

With continued prayer you subsequently are finding that you want and will to be with Me more and more, causing you to will to detach from the very things that have caused you to withdraw your attention from Me.

As you remain with Me, I show you your defects, the vices that are blemishes in you, soon we will be replacing them with virtues.

Each vice has an opposing virtue, you may not even be aware of your defects but do not fear that you will be overwhelmed in their discovery, as you concede they will be familiar to you.

My perfections will be what you will desire for yourself, fixated upon holiness, simplicity in prayer will be the vehicle to bring you there.

You will not be conscious of what is happening or how it is being accomplished, the spiritual growth of your formation, for it is the work of the Holy Spirit Who will complete and orchestrate all.

At times you will have lost moments or possibly longer periods, deep in prayer, fixed upon the Goodness of your Saviour, without realization of what has transpired you are awed by God in His Greatness.

Mystical contemplation is supernatural and is not what you are to desire, but these consolations are a natural progression in every person who advances in the spiritual life.

You were all created to become Saints, do not become dismayed looking today at where you are in relation to others holiness, for in the blink of an eye, I can transform the least to be first.

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