Tuesday, August 16, 2016


2016-08-16                                                                                                   INRI

I want to give each of you new eyes through which to see others, My Love and My Heart will be in you, that the world may be formed anew.

See how I had chosen the fisherman, the tax collector and prostitute to do the work of evangelizing along side of Me, as I did the Father’s Will, I am the new Adam, first among the brothers and sisters who would follow after Me.

God does not choose according to the strongest, the most intelligent or most beautiful, in order to form His Kingdom, no it is the heart of a man that God sees.

I see your potential, and I want that you should also see with My eyes the potential of your fellowman, for with new eyes you will be able to see others as I see the finished product as already formed.

My Love is greater than you have ever imagined, and I have envisioned the best life for you, bringing fulfillment to all your endeavors, not only for your sake but for your family and those you hold dear.

Prophesy as I give you My Heart for those I will prepare to be changed, that they may prosper, they only dream of possibilities but through you, I will give them hope for the future, they will be able to accomplish their dream.

Live with courage and trust in the power and strength of the Holy Spirit, who empowers those who are willing to look the fool for Christ, I desire to use all who courageously are willing to plant God’s Love in every soul they meet.

Within My Heart is the fullness of joy, I am ready to reveal to you Words that will convince the non-believer, atheist or even the person who has simply given up on himself and on Me.

There are many who do not have a plan or a hope for the future, they do not aspire to accomplish anything in their lives, I have come with a fresh perspective for them, and I want you to help them see this reality.

If you will draw near to Me, I will empower you with the desires of My Heart for My people, come as you are, and we will work on perfecting you, meanwhile I love you just as you are.

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