Thursday, August 25, 2016


2016-08-25                                                                INRI

My Mother is preparing you to be My Bride, yes, the Church at large, but also you individually, that you may have an intimate relationship with Me now before My return.

And how shall this be accomplished, by your spending time with Me, and giving Me first place in your life each day.

You will come to know not only My Heart for people but you will come to know Me and you will come to know My Holy Spirit personally.

It is not enough that you are given power through anointing, but your heart must become a bridge, uniting My people to Me, and eliminating the gap to them.

In every generation I form a people ready to companion with Me, a bride who will partner and have a friendship along side of Me, ruling with Me the nations for all eternity.

I can make possible what seems now impossible to you, that is the absolute perfection of My Bride, for this has always been the design and Will of My Father in Heaven.

Fully ready, fully prepared with the wedding garment, set as a glorious feast of the Bridegroom, the Lamb of God.

Here and now walk in fear of ever breaking the connection with your Lord and King, your espoused, Who so tenderly walks beside you.

Do not be afraid of Me, for that is not the love that My Spirit makes known to you, in the quiet repose and abiding relationship I so dearly desire.

Indeed if I should call you home to Myself for all eternity, you shall see Me face to face, I will lift the veil and you will see Me clearly and you will know Me as I truly am.

From the beginning it was the Father’s plan and design that you should once again as originally created be made perfect and be My companion and partner, never were you meant to be a slave, but My beautiful bride for all eternity.

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