Wednesday, August 10, 2016


2016-08-10                                            INRI

What is the road that leads to eternal life? You will come to realize that peace in your heart and soul, initiates the doing of charitable acts.

You will love your God and neighbour when you do not allow sadness, agitation or any trouble to burden you, invoke My Holy Spirit immediately and know that I will give you the peace and tranquility you need.

I will see to it that you recover your calm, your peace, that your thoughts may once again resume its work and all its activities according to My Will.

Do not be discouraged My work in you takes a lifetime, for you were created to house Me, yes, in My Image were you created and I am constructing this house, in your interior calm.

As humility is its foundation, your heart must not be enslaved by anything, as you desire something, it must not consume you if your project should fail, it should be as if this were My Will all along.

Should you become ill, should you be persecuted, whatever the circumstance you are to carry My happiness in your heart, for these things contribute to strengthen My peace and increase happiness in you.

You rest in My Arms and in My Heart, I give you My peace, did I not leave you My Peace in My farewell, why should you fear, I am with you always until the end of time.

In dying to self, you give lifelong prayer to Me and in this way fulfill My purpose for your life, in that you concern yourself with the welfare of your brothers and sisters, uniting all for the Kingdom.

You will experience a greater knowledge of My Love, essential to growth in faith and love, each of you will personally be given moments of consolations, known only to you.

Prayer is the pivoting point that permeates your whole life leading to divine action, you have been given freedom to act or to remain within yourself, but in doing My Divine Will, you reap greater gains.

You must grasp the concept of My great Love for you, in this way your heart will always have the peaceful contentment and happiness that you are indeed being formed into My Image, in patient obedience, My children you go forth.

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