Sunday, February 2, 2014


I want to prove to you that you have been walking and doing My Will, even though you sometimes doubt yourselves.

Have you noticed that you are less fearful than when you first began, when you first gave Me your life?

Second guessing yourselves, you were afraid of everyone and everything, your thoughts were on you.

Now you have confidence and trust in Me and My ways without knowing how.

Stand together around Me now, for I am on the Cross above you presently.

Unite shoulder to shoulder, reaching with one hand My feet, with the other hand reach for those family members, friends and acquaintances who do not see the need or benefit in coming to Me.

I alone know the varied reasons that have kept them from responding to My call of love.

You shall be My agents of love, mainly by your acts of kindness and allowing My love to flow through you.

Beloved children, you stand in the spray of the Blood and Water that issued from My pierced Heart, cleansing, healing and enabling you in the work of evangelizing.

On your own you will not have the power to overcome the temptation to let others do the assigned work for which I have commissioned you.

In your personal prayers, you will be energized but when you are gathered together as you are now, praising and singing, then the Father pours down blessings and graces from His coffers.

Being united with Me in doing the Father’s Will, you enter into the selfsame joy.

Joy is in some ways different than happiness which is sometimes overrated, suffering like nothing else brings about the greatest growth in your spiritual progress.

As you proceed in doing My Will to the best of your ability, be alert to this joy for it will cause you to walk with a lighter gait, your burdens having been laid down and lifted from your shoulders.

Do not persist in your blindness, for I have given you insight to discern what previously had been hidden from you, in order to benefit your fellow man.

Would I send you into the work field without the proper tools, to perform the task for which I have commissioned you?

Seek the gifts you desire, for I have already desired to give them to you, only have courage to implement them according to your station in life.                                                                                            

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