Thursday, January 30, 2014



When you shall know your correct place, the place of others and the place of material goods, then will your life be renewed.

You know about Me in Scriptures, but have you really come to know Me, the one who is in you?

Do I direct your thoughts, your steps, your way of being or are you stressed in the way you should go?

Some are seeking from other sources, they are desperate in some cases, for answers for their future.

I am in your present, now, today and I do not want you anywhere but where you are for now.

Things that are of a concern to you, be they great or small, if they concern you, they concern Me.

Do not be afraid to inform Me, though I know all, I very much want to allow you to bring to Me your cares and trials.

Those that consider Me distant, I want to show them how I can solve even insurmountable problems.

I came to earth to show the way to live a life of love, humility and patience, and how to forgive injury.

Realize that I am near, your tears are felt by Me as they sometimes fall in life, I pour down graces even when you are unaware, blessing not only you but all your family.

You do not have to try to engineer schemes or elaborate plans in order to please Me, only follow My lead and you will make Spiritual progress.

My Covenant with you has given you the right to be joyful and to have a life that is full.

As Christians you are to reflect My Truth, attributes and values, to be light to the world that’s darkened.

If you are not walking in and with Me, how can you be joyful and fulfilled, having others wanting to emulate you?

As I gaze on you in your vocation, striving to be the person I created you to be, it greatly honours Me; as does your confident trust, and not being afraid to make mistakes, knowing that I will not allow you to stray too far off the right path.

My love for all of you is worthy of your greatest thanksgiving, and when you praise Me, I pour down abundant graces especially when two or three are gathered in My name.

You are My representatives, everyday as you go about your lives, letting family and strangers alike see that your life is exciting and joyful.

You only have a short time upon this earth in which to live following Me selflessly, do not waste it on worrying about things that really do not matter.     

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