Wednesday, January 15, 2014


How easy it is for you to reflect on the sins of others, and to excuse yourselves of the selfsame sins.

Yet My love encompasses all who are seeking Me, you must always seek for Me.

It is not a one time saying “I sought the Lord and I found Him”, but a constant seeking that brings you the peace and serenity of heart, that you are looking for.

For when you seek Me with all your heart, you indeed find Me in all.

In simplicity, you will see that I was right there with you all along in everything.

I have given you a conscience with which to govern right from wrong doing.

It is like your sense of touch, when you touch something hot, you feel the discomfort in the body.

So will it be with your conscience in doing wrong, it feels uncomfortable, troubled with unrest.

My desire is for your joy and peace of heart, so when your heart is in sorrow before Me, I am your healer.

I hold for you a joy that you will long remember, and in your joy you will thank Me in the recollection of the occasion.

When your Soul is in a state of grace it is capable of overcoming temptation, and it constantly seeks more grace to draw closer to its Creator.

Each has received gifts with which to serve and please Me, the artistic beauty of them causes Me great joy in the fulfillment of their use.

Live simply My children, the world complicates, confuses and leaves many disillusioned as to what is expected of them in order to reach their reward.

Love as I love you, calmly, warmly and selflessly, do not look for difficult solutions in regards to your relationship with Me.

Being anxious will only hinder and interfere with what I am doing in your life and in the lives of those closest to you.

Be alert yes, but be at peace with all that is in your life at present, I am still in control and remain with you, remind yourselves of My presence always.

You are blinded by sin, a veil keeps you from seeing the reality of life, soon you will be able to see with Spiritual eyes all I have prepared for you My faithful and true followers.

Be of a sound heart and a courageous spirit, trusting in My loving Word given to you.                


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