Thursday, January 9, 2014


Soon I will be with you and illumine your world, but for now you cannot do for yourselves what I want to do through you, remain close to Me.

Do not be afraid for I am perfect love that casts out all fear.

I am not requiring you to do something that will be foreign to your nature, for I have created you for My own purpose, marvellous in every way are My plans for you.

Each of you will do your part to further love and unity in the world, always fighting valiantly against sin and evil, invoke Michael and Raphael.

I have conquered Satan and all his works, no longer will you conform to former ways that caused you to see Me as distant and unapproachable.

Here today, be available for My use, it may be a simple task or it may require a courage that stirs up your comfort zone, just be ready to hear My inspiration.

Nonetheless, each day brings you nearer to the day when I will return, you must prepare now by 
dying to self voluntarily. 

This is a time of great Mercy and Grace for you, it will not last indefinitely.

I require good deeds from each of you so that My Kingdom ways may shine now in your darkened world.

You are My shining lights, I am empowering you to serve courageously at this appointed time.

As you are drawing closer to Me, Satan sees you as a greater threat, for you are winning souls for the Kingdom.

He will try to discourage and cause you to doubt Me and yourself, also he stirs up disagreement within families and friends.

Be alert to his tactics and revert to prayer and especially the Sacrament of forgiveness, always forgiving others as well as yourself, I will help you.

Humility is required to follow Me, no one will be able to enter My presence with pride.

What will hinder your relationship with Me the most is pride for I dwell in gratitude and praise.

Be joyful and search out even one thing to be thankful for today, for you will find that I have given you so much, remember I love you, I want also to hear it from you.

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