Tuesday, December 31, 2013



It was I who gave you life and it is I who will preserve it.

All that surrounds you in the world tells you that everything is doomed for destruction.

But I tell you I am creating a new Heaven and a new earth.

Whatever is happening in your lives today has been appointed by Me, to perfect you and make you ready to be an inhabitant of My New Jerusalem.

The City of Light, where I will reign as your King will be where you will be with Me, and My Kingdom will at last be established and last forever.

I want you today to let go of those things that do not further you along the path that leads you to Me, you are wasting precious time seeking things that are of no value, things that will not last.

Go to the Cradle and see Me, go to the Cross and see Me, reflect on the image of My Resurrection and you will see the joy of the fulfillment of My Father’s Will.

If you will but learn of Me of the obedience I require of you, to do what is the Father’s Will for you, today you would experience also this joy for you enter into My joy.

Then nothing more will vex you, no more will financial difficulties burden you, for you will know My hand is upon you always.

Seek now to have a relationship with Me, I will advise you, comfort and lead you, I want to show My love for you, I want to show you that I know your needs and desires.

My dear Mother, always is with Me and is loving you even greater than your own mother and She will instruct you with great Wisdom.

Listen to Her messages and She will guide you more quickly to where you wish to be in holiness and all your endeavours.

Pray for those who are disillusioned about their future, and those who do not think about Me at all or very little for their god is of the world.

You must help your brothers and sisters, you are all family upon this earth, the hope you have is a surety.

If you should have occasion to doubt, come to Me, I will refresh you with new hope that will never end


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