Wednesday, December 18, 2013



I am near, I am your refuge even in the midst of this chaotic world, involve Me in the life I’ve given you.

You My remnant are to be holy, free from corruption, deceit and lying tongue.

As you journey, you will be given all that you require, to strengthen and encourage you along the way.

At times, even at a moments notice, you may be called to exhibit blind trust in Me.

You may be called to endure suffering, be it great or small, humiliation or be falsely accused, all for Me.

With greater emphasis on prayer and fasting, you will achieve what you are seeking to live a grace filled life.

There is a plan in motion, to which you are being drawn and are being formed by the Holy Spirit.

It will involve your full cooperation and trust, which will bring great rewards in the victory that is about to be realized.

You will be My soldier, I will arm you and defend you as you unite with others in the cause of Truth and justice.

I will take care of all the burdens of your personal life, only put these things trustingly in My hands.

You therefore will be able to concentrate on the needs of others whom I will lead to you.

By forgetting yourself and your problems, you do My Will in a most fitting and perfect way.

The Father is glorified in Me as you perform your duties, and I bless you abundantly.

There are many who are not seeing the big picture of what is happening all around them, there is great danger that is as a smothering cloud that surrounds the world in darkness.

I know that you are feeling quite powerless in the scope of the evil that you see around you.

But be at peace, I am with you, stay close by communicating with Me often, I want to give you so much.

I want to reveal to you My great love for you and all humanity.

I want to reveal to you who you are in Me.

Give to Me time alone with you, find time to just be, I know you in a deeper way than you know yourself.

Do not give into fear, for I am not in fear, do not give into what is not of Me.

Each day I begin to form you anew, stronger and with greater zeal for My new Kingdom, I am coming soon, seek now My grace.                                                                                                                     

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