Thursday, December 12, 2013


Some have lofty ideas of who they think I want them to be Spiritually.

The reality is I want them to live their life as it comes, simply, lovingly, doing their best in each situation.

Otherwise with efforts to copy the ways of saints, they become frustrated and self-absorbed.

These special graces are not allotted to everyone equally, for I have created each one with a unique purpose, each with special dispositions and talents.

Seek continually My presence, here you will bring down graces and blessings to enable you to do the good works I’ve prepared for you.

To be “poor in Spirit” is simply to know that you are in need of God.

When you are in mourning, you know you need God, when you are suffering, you know you need God.

Indeed there is no situation in which you will not be yearning for your God, even in the happiest and in the most joyful occasions, you will seek to share it with your God, I bring you to the heights.

I have given you membership in My Family, the Body of the Church, in your conversion all is grace and gifts in the beginning.

You must play a part in this life, you are to be a light in this world, and you must let your light shine.

Otherwise, you may fall into Spiritual Passivity, expecting that God will do it all.

Through faith and confident actions and word, you will not in extraordinary ways, but through simple and humble living, exhibit God’s love in the world.

Look among the ones I’ve placed to be your friends, for among ordinary people I form My Saints.

Love the sinner but hate the sin, you yourselves are sinners and love yourselves with no difficulty.

This Christmas, you will approach the manger “poor in Spirit”, for you are all needful in so many ways, but this time you come near with renewed hearts, asking for the gift you need the most.

As you approach Me so small and tender, I enfold you in My encompassing joy, that draws each of you to hold Me with total abandonment.

With My Mother’s intercession, you gain grace to love the life I’ve given you to live, ready to live only in My Will today, as you renew your promise to Me again for all time.

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