Thursday, November 28, 2013


You do not know the hour nor the day that you may see Me, either by your death or My coming back.

But I tell you the Kingdom of God is at hand.

You are to live each day as if today was the day you will see Me.

Unity among yourselves is what I desire for My people, showing preference to each other, forgiving faults and dying to pride over injustice done to you.

In gratitude for all that I have blessed you with in creation, the beauty of nature with all its seasons, peace will reign in your hearts as you lift them up to Me in praise and adoration.

This peace satisfies and aides you in rejecting the longing to gain greater possessions, and wealth, for your thoughts will be seeking the Truth.

The Spirit of Truth will set you free from your many fears, known and unknown, for some fears have been with you since youth, shaping your life even today.

I give you a new freedom to be for Me, fully alive and able to serve in a greater capacity.

You cannot serve two masters, choose now not to be allured, by what is the newest distraction in technology, persevering in prayer you gain much more strength, to overcome temptation.

Your vision having been made clear now, you proceed on the path that is leading you home.

I give you happiness even now when you see that I am working alongside of you, I give you little signs of My presence, empowering you with every grace.

You do nothing on your own, it was not your idea, for I pervade the very air you breathe, do I not rejoice in all My creation at every moment and sustain them?

My Kingdom is at hand, live as if there is no tomorrow, for you do not know the length of your days.

I have not left you alone, to flounder unaided, indeed My plans for you are for the most minute details of your life, and for the sanctification of your Soul.

You are now not realizing the glorious accompaniment of Saints and Angels that aid you at any given moment.

Especially the help of My most Blessed Mother, whose love is greater than you can imagine.

Live, My little ones today in anticipation of the joy that awaits you even now and for all Eternity.

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