Thursday, November 21, 2013


I complete you, consider these words!

You can compare yourself to a grain of sand on the sea shore, I make up the shore, you are a part of it.

You are a most important and valued part of Me.

Though small and in your nothingness I wish you to feel your completeness in Me, for your whole being yearns to be filled.

Your will is all that you really have to give to Me, for I will never take away your freedom to choose.

You are free to refuse the path I set before you, but it is always My best for you.

But even here and now, you will find happiness as you travel with your Saviour, not anxiously, or hurriedly but peacefully.

In eternity there is no time, so while you are here on earth make the most of each moment, seeking only to serve others.

I will look after your needs as you look after the needs of your brothers and sisters, forgetting yourself.

In prayer you will draw your strength from Me, enter into My joy in having accomplished perfectly the Father’s will, even unto death, in this joy is your strength.

There are areas in your life where I have not yet been given your permission to direct, you have reserved certain things in your life that you do not want to change.

I want all My children to have true freedom, I will reveal these areas to you as you pray.

Do not be dismayed at periods of dryness in prayer, it is allowed only to rekindle a more fervent love in you, I am never far from you.

Rest in My arms in these times, do not force words you do not mean.

Much time is being wasted, for the moments of your life are counted, seek to give me a glance or thought from time to time, I dote on you.

I give My Heart as a lover to you, vulnerable as it is, for it may be neglected, misused or trampled.

Because you are Mine, I take the chance to be always available, that I may use you to love those I have strategically placed around you.

Because I complete you, you can do all things through Me, do not fear to do what you think is beyond your doing, for I am capable of doing all things if you will only trust in Me.


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