Tuesday, October 15, 2013



When you have understood and put into practice the First Commandment, then and only then will you be able to love one another.

My love is a refuge and it enables you to forget and distance yourself from all that does not ultimately lead to Me.

I give peace as a gift from the Spirit, not gained by anything you have said or done, simply given out of My goodness and generosity.

Those who seek a deeper understanding, a greater knowledge, they will be able to receive freely their heart’s desire.

Silence now the world around you, all that would distract you from this experience I am waiting to bestow upon you, you need not even use words for I am reading the sentiments of your heart.

For you to know Me in a greater capacity is the longing of My heart even greater than your desire.

When you shall know My love for you, then without undo striving, will your love be unrequited for Me.

Refuse if you will My gifts, refuse to give Me due praise and worship, if you are unfaithful to Me, I still cannot deny Myself, I will continue to be faithful to you.

Always are you concerned to do My Will, and are seeking to find it as if you could easily find it in a book.

Breath easy, My child, for the next thing in your life, the next person you meet, the next road you travel, these are all My Will for you.

You need only to trust that I will not let you stray too far from the Father’s plan for your life, simply choose as best you can and trust that you are in My Will.

The Holy Trinity loves you, cares imminently for the created Soul that shines within you.
Yes, your Soul is worth more than all the Universe, why would you even by anything but joyful?

Joy is another gift of the Spirit and as you praise and worship, more of this gift become evident in your life.

And you will know if you have the gift of joy, because it is very difficult to insult a person who is joyful, he just doesn’t take offense, he always believes the greatest good about you.

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