Thursday, December 3, 2015


2015-12-03                                                    INRI

Fear not for I have redeemed you, I have called you by name, you are Mine, these are My Words to each of you, devour them and repeat them often.

Keep Heaven your final destination always in your mind, then doing the Will of God will be what you will always do.

I have desired closeness and intimacy with you, that I might whisper the longings of My Heart and to also hear your hopes and dreams, do not use words that have no meaning to you or to Me.

Out of love and in your best interests, I allow you to receive some criticism, some affirmation, some suffering and some joy, this makes for a well rounded individual, that I may use.

In all of this you unite with Me and receive grace that the world also receives as being in My Body.

Nourished, strengthened and fortified, I enable you to accomplish what needs to be changed in your life, and the things that need to be remedied.

I am looking for My Image to be made visible in you, in a world that only broadcasts bad news, a world that needs to be reminded of the Good News, for this I have called you out of the darkness into the Light.

Many have only darkness in their lives and need gentleness, hope and love shown to them, in order to continue and not give into despair.

No one is exempt from My using them, even those who are sick in bed have a mission and are not deemed of no use to Me.

My chosen disciples are the ones who, sensitive to the awakening of their hearts, allow Me to minister love and compassion to a hurting individual through them.

Poor and lonely they have been overlooked and passed by, a sense of loss has covered the once sparkle in their eyes, I have come now to renew the face of the earth, will you help Me?

I ask only that you be obedient to My Commandment, love as I have loved you, free of fear, or any thought for yourself, you will proceed full of joy and filled with the Holy Spirit.

You can do nothing without Me, but you are not without power, all I need is your “yes”.

With your willingness, I may then utilize My Angels and Saints to answer the prayers that are constantly presented to Me.

The world will know that you are My disciples, Christians, by your love for one another, the visible face of the invisible God. 

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