Wednesday, November 25, 2015


2015-11-25                                                         INRI                          

Today have you read My Word and not cherished a single line or word, has nothing spoken to
you, have you not understood the meaning and depth of the longing of My Heart?

You will have decisions to make today and everyday, sometimes small and at other times
significant and important life changing ones.

Without the help of the Holy Spirit you will not make an informed and right judgment that you
require, ask Him and the problem at hand becomes clear in what is needed.

Humility is essential in approaching Me, you see your wretchedness and thus are able to see
your sins, yet you are not discouraged or envious of others success.

Here I am able to lead you into the Truth and meaning of the very longing of your heart and to
correct anything that is causing you to travel down paths that do not further your true goal in

Come and rest at My feet, gaze lovingly without calculating what your next move should be or
what you should do, just listen, I am teaching you.

I will place in your heart the Words that you are needing at this time in your life, they are
freeing and will bring to you tranquil consolations.

Slowly you will repeat these Words and savor them as a soothing balm to heal and forgive
and cause you to know without a doubt My love for you.

These Words of endearment are from Me, they are alive and are meant to increase your love
for Me.

Your life will swiftly run its course but these Words of Mine will be to you a means to attain
what you most desire in your life.

Do you desire anything apart from Me child, if so recognize now at this time that I will give you
at the end of your life what you most desire.

Rest now with Me until such time that your heart burns within you, allow Me to reveal Truths
that would otherwise not be known to you, which would greatly improve our relationship.

Look now through different eyes, eyes that see all of creation as I called it into being, all
beauty and goodness that would be welling up into thanksgiving because of love.

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