Wednesday, November 11, 2015


2015-11-11                                                                                        INRI

You are no longer slaves to sin but you are My friends, Whom I guard with an immense love.

And so as friends you are able to approach Me completely authentic and real in your thoughts and words to Me, allowing your feelings and doubts, hurts and accomplishments to be known.

Indeed, it is ironic that the closer you come to Me, the farther you will feel that you are from Me.

The Holy Spirit's light that illumines Truth in you, allows you to see exactly where you are in relation to where you should be, in humility now draw near.

The Truth, not as you would have it, but as it truly is the Truth will set you free, He will enlighten and rectify anything that must be corrected in your life.

Therefore humility will be the foundation of our new relationship that is being formed in order to recreate you into My Image, which at times may be experienced as quite painful in the process.

I have in My eternal viewing, the person you will eventually become, thus you are to thank Me at all times for whatever circumstances you may find yourselves in, for I use all these methods to accomplish this goal.

Where sin once abounded, now grace abounds all the more and I rejoice and all of Heaven as well each time that a sinner is converted or even as you overcome one more weakness, I am as a proud parent over a child's accomplishment.

My Will you must seek more fervently now as these days of darkness are threatening to swallow more and more of My faithful followers who are distracted in the small things of life.

I have placed each of you upon My Shoulders, I carry you and together we are bounding upon the hills to greater and more lofty heights, do not fear little ones to fly with Me.

Reject worry, do not accept the whisperings of the evil one, who will try to convince you of My absence or that I am distant, this is his means of infilling your mind with doubts and fear.

My Grace has saved you, claim our friendship and gift of Faith as your own, therefore see the good that needs to be done today.

Never forget My presence in you, it will spur you on to greater achievements, it is your eyes through which I gaze upon My world, be My Hands that serve your neighbor.

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