Thursday, November 19, 2015


2015-11-19                                                           INRI

The road upon which I am leading you is narrow, full of hardships and trials, not many care to journey it, for it requires a dying to self and a love of others.

If you will follow Me, I will make it worth your while, it will be what those who follow their own designs will never know or achieve for I am your Creator and the Lover of your soul.

Indeed you must seek Me and I will lead you in this way, for you will follow in My Footsteps, I go before you.

I have given you companions, firstly a Guardian Angel who has been with you even at your conception, and who will never leave you, I give you faithful friends, who are there when encouragement is needed, and most of all at the Cross, I gave you My Blessed Mother and you to Her.

The Saints that have gone on before you also are advantageous in interceding and helping in ways that you can use as you read their lives and how in the end success in holiness was achieved.  

From Heaven they help the sinner readily gaining the graces needed from God Whom they see now, until you yourselves will be able to be there by their assistance.

Repentance of sin must lead to a change of life, without this determination, one continues to fall repeatedly into the same faults and weaknesses, that Supernatural Grace supplies in order to overcome.

Prayer brings you into a relationship with Me, one which I desire for each of you, soon it progresses into a peace and joy that is not altered nor diminished by either suffering or by consolations.

It will not matter to you what your current circumstances are from moment to moment, for in My Arms you feel My presence, your satisfaction is complete.

Prayer is the means by which to enter and remain in this realm of union with Me, at times you cannot but sing out for joy, song wells up within you and you cannot contain it.

Truly I tell you, it is My joy within you that overflows your heart and fills your whole being, sing out child for it glorifies and warms My very Heart.

Do not fear the terror that increases in your world today, I have made provision for you, only keep close and do not look to others for relief but only to Me, I am leading you step by step.

Trust and continue in communion with Me, I am your food for the journey and I remain ever vigilant, guarding you solicitously until you will be home.

As a mother loves her beloved child, dirty hands and face, she continues with greater love, as I love the sinner even more, I offer you water from My very side and Sacraments to cleanse you, come quickly I am waiting for you, do not delay.

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