Monday, February 8, 2010

Prophecy Spoken in Ridgetown Oct. 14, 2001

A Prophecy for This Millennium

My Children, I have come to bring you joy and laughter;
I will take your burdens and your pains.
I will wrap you in my love and in my deep compassion;
I will comfort you again and again.

Try to share my love with others,
To those you meet, who know me not.
Be a channel of my mighty power,
And lead my loved ones back to God.

Learn from me and trust me completely
In the darkest moments of fear and doubt.
I will give you my grace, my light.
Help me to bring my plan about.

I must prepare you for what is to come,
My new millennium and the second Pentecost.
I will send a blazing fire, a mighty wind
And gather those who still are lost.

My children, my chosen ones,
To you I will change the face of the earth.
Bind together and be united;
Prepare your brothers for this new birth.

I will take a heart of stone, give them a heart of flesh.
I will make my people one.
Get ready for this painful hour,
For I have only just begun.

Consecrate your family to me today;
Protect them from violence, hatred and impurity.
I will wipe out the evil one
And draw the children back to me.

Help me to sanctify this world,
Not by preaching, but by giving.
Hear me, touch me, and love and serve me.
Be obedient and start giving.

Soon you will see with different eyes;
Go forth without fear and trepidation.
I am weeping for my human race.
Lead your lost ones to salvation.

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