Sunday, February 21, 2010



“Reverential fear of God” is a gift I want you all to have.

It begins with a child honoring his parents who have lovingly taught him.

This overflows quickly as respect for authority, his teacher, priest, law enforcement, and anyone in position over him.

Life progresses quickly and some never learn this true fear of the Lord, even though the Holy Spirit empowers.

When you are full of self, you seek respect but, when you are filled with Me, you give respect, even to those who are not worthy, those who hurt you carelessly.

Always be mindful of My great holiness and do not be casual with your reverence as with mortals.

There are some things you should not even ask Me to explain or to question. Ask your Blessed Mother to guide you in matters that concern you.

Those whom I have blessed must draw near to our friendship without losing the sanctity of the relationship I have established with them.

Always remain in the greatest graces with frequency of the sacraments especially of forgiveness.

I am always eager to receive you, for there is where I find you most humble and contrite.

Ask Me to supply this preparatory grace for your greatest benefit.

You are My friends, you are seated with Me on high.

Act accordingly and do not disappoint the one who loves you and wants you near constantly.

Glory in My name and give praise that is due the Holy and Blessed Trinity.

All that I have done has been for love of you.

This time of sorrow is necessary only to obtain the greatest joy.

Come quickly into joy, I am there waiting for you.

Put behind you all guilt, do not dwell in what is past.

One cannot walk without falling when looking back.

Look towards the light that beckons you to join in the dance of a new and freed life of love with Me, your Savior.

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