Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Pentecost Prophecy from 1997

A Call from the Lord

This prophecy is not outdated at all, as God is not bound by time and space.  He is the same today as always, and this call is new again today.

The darkness that God is talking about is not present to the mortal eye, but to the eye of faith, and our disunity, lack of love and compassion for our brothers and sisters is the source of it.

Hear these words, and heed them so that we all may be one as He has called us to be.

I look upon your towns, your cities;
I see a deep darkness covering the earth.
Grow in love, compassion and unity,
And lead your brothers to this new birth.

Come to me daily in prayers and in silence;
Give me a place deep in your heart.
My Church is wounded, scattered;
Your gifts and power must increase.

Intercede, my dear ones, for my people;
Do not let your gifts be lost.
Healings and miracles will begin to happen
Just as on the very first Pentecost.

I have called on you again and again,
And I your God will not let go.
I will begin to deal with each one of you,
Got indeed it is time for you to grow.

So many take my love for granted;
Let today my voice be heard.
Grow in love; show a little more compassion,
And be obedient to this word.

The world around you is in turmoil and confision;
Even your own have lost their faith.
My dearest children, pay close attention;
You are on the verge of something great!

You are the pillars to uphold my Church;
Encourage one another, and restore.
Bind together, evangelize;
I want to give you SO MUCH MORE.

Lift up my Son, your Brother, Saviour;
This is the year to celebrate!
Gather the lost one, the wounded, the broken hearted;
Be bold, my children and step out in faith.

Great and exciting things are happening!
Open your hearts, your eyes, to see it.
You will be empowered by my Holy Spirit
And do great things as Jesus did.

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