Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Almost 30 Year Old Prophecy

To God a Day is But a Moment

I long ago learned that time means very little to God.  He is not bound by time and space.  He is, after all, the Lord of the Universe, and it bows to Him, not He to it.

The Lord calls us to PERSEVERANCE.  Wow, that is a challenge for me.  I don't know about you.  Perseverance is easy enough when the going it not too tough, though even then boredom sets in.  But, the Perseverance God called the readers of this word 30 years ago, is the same Perseverance that these words call us to today.  Those who have come at the later hour will still be rewarded by God for perseverance, but those who stepped it up in the earlier days of revival and call to faith, will reap an even greater reward.
My children . . .
For long I have been preparing you,
Difficult becomes the path and even heavier your task;
But I will bring growth and great conversion,
Persevere, and do what I ask.

Feel the need of binding together,
Know that I have a definite plan;
I will bring My work here to completion,
Please listen to the Son of Man.

I will not refuse anything to those who love Me,
Fill that place that I have set aside;
Comfort, console and support your Master,
Help me to renew and upbuild My Bride.

I see your pain, I know your heartache,
Imitate Jesus all the way;
Stand for Him and follow through,
Why did so many turn away?

Make a new commitment and submit to Me,
Go on, My dear ones, and spare no effort,
Don't look for excitement, why ask for miracles?
Seek first the will of Me, your Lord.

Take advantage tonight of these precious moments,
I have come to you live never before;
The walls around you will slowly crumble,
Yet, My Beloved One will stand forevermore.

Listen, My children, if you say you love Me,
Pick up your cross and share My pain;
The inexpressible agonies of My Son,
You must relive and watch and bear again.

For I will lead you through fire and water,
In a way you cannot understand;
I will bring to birth a church so alive and vibrant,
Head, My dear ones, to My plan.
Why did so many turn away?  Why do we all turn our backs on Our Lord and Saviour when we sin?  Why Lord are you so tolerant of our sinfulness?  We are a stiff necked people, Lord.  Loosen our stiffness, so we can follow in Your footsteps.

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