Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prophecy Petrolia May 20, 2006

A Newer Prophecy - Same Call on Us

God is exceedingly good, and has a plan for the restoration of the Church, and His chosen people to Him, and to Him alone.  He loves all of us who have in one way or another been touched by divorce and abortion, two of the scourges of the earth, as much as He loves all of his children.

Let us heed his message to "Pray together, Love one another."
My children, I am calling you to a new beginning,
Listen carefully to my words.
Prepare yourself for the second coming,
The time of glory for my Church.

I will accompany you on your journey;
My Son is walking by your side.
He will heal the wounds of divorce and abortion
To build up his beloved Bride.

Again and again I have tried to tell you;
There are very many dangers.
Look towards my Son, my dear ones.
You are my friends, no longer strangers.

Assist your brothers and your sisters.
Walk in my light, build up your faith.
Traverse together, my sheep, my lambs,
And do it before it is too late.

My Holy Spirit is upon you,
But all too many do still resist
The love, the power that they could receive
By returning to the Eucharist.

My dearest one, help your lost ones;
They are to be reborn again to live.
Pray together, love one another.
I have so much more to give.

The world round you is in the most deepest darkness
(line missing)
You are the beginning of my new creation,
And I will give you so much more.

My child you are lookIng for an answer,
But there's no need for you to fear.
Don't underestimate my Love, my Power.
Your path is bright and very clear.

I will lead you and I will guide you.
Look for my signs, and soon you will see
That you are on the threshold of a new earth,
And many of my lost ones will come back to me.

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