Thursday, April 1, 2010

Prophecy Ridgetown, September 25, 2005

A Word For a Particular Woman - But Applicable to Us All

I am not aware of the circumstances surrounding this specific prophecy, but the call on this precious saint is the same as the call on each of us, walking side by side with God through our days, and opening our hearts to His work in our lives.
My child,
Walk with me in deep humility
You will see your dreams come true
I will take your struggles, your pains, your heartaches
and pour out a new power over you.

Be still and know that I am your God
I gave up my Son so that you could live
Open wide your heart today
I have so much more to give.

Side by side I walk with yuou
I share your burden, every cross you bear
For the sake of many loved ones
Place all your problems in my care.

Know that you are not alone
Reflect on the sufferings of my Son
Difficult is the task that I have laid upon you
That you may do as Jesus has done.

Feel my presence here now with you
Reveal my plan with a great delight
So many will suppress my Spirit
But I will set a new fire upon my Bride.

You must go through periods of great struggles
Feel the immense capacity of my love
Don't let the world confuse or frighten you
I will visit you when the going gets rough.

You are entering a most difficult time
My dearest one, please fast and pray
I have wrapped you in the mantle of my love
And all this darkness will go away.

What's weak in faith I will awaken
In many hearts now cold to me
I am calling upon the priests, my chosen ones
They need to take me more seriously.

And you will experience great conversion
But the world must learn to recognize
That the glory of the cross is far more radiant
If you are ready to live by the sacrifice.

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