Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prophecy November 28,2001

The New Creation

This prophecy speaks of God bringing about His New Creation, as a result of the work done by His Son for our redemption, and our own suffering and sacrifices joined to His suffering and death.
Listen My dear ones, hear My voice; let go of that fear and restlessness.
I am coming to give you more of Me, I am calling upon your faithfulness.

I am pleased to see you here together; try to encourage, to upbuild one another.
I desire to share My gifts with you, wrapped in My love and yours to uncover.

I am calling you to a mission; you will receive power like never before.
For I have sheltered you in My loving arms, and will begin to use you more and more.

You will experience many peaks and valleys, pain and suffering to undergo,
But I will turn your suffering into joy, if you allow My gifts, My spirit to flow.

I have come to transform, to heal you, to fill you with My compassion, My light and My love.
Be committed to Me and to one another, for at times it will be very rough.

Many are in desperate need of conversion.  My people need to be reconciled.
I will complete My healing, until all are one and unified.

My dearest children, look at My sufferings; My bride, the Church is torn apart.
Take that step into the uncertainty, and serve Me with body, mind and heart.

My son conquered suffering and death to bring His mission to completion;
Through your suffering, pain and sacrifices, I will bring to birth My new creation.

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